About Us

Discovery of natural resources such as oil, gas and water is expected to be a boom, contributing to wealth creation, peace and prosperity. It is, therefore, a paradox that in many parts of the world, wealth of natural resources has become a bane, fueling internal armed conflicts and giving currency to the ‘resource curse’ argument. Furthermore, Africa faces many environmental challenges from droughts to pooching.  It therefore necessary to analyse and promote policy-oriented research and knowledge sharing on prospective thinking to support Africa on matters dealing with natural resources and environment policy.

The centers activities include hosting roundtables and annual conferences to deal with issues on natural resources management and conflict, and environment sustainability.  Through research, round table conferences, experts, and strategic partners CNREP aims to shape and add to African and global international policy in order to contribute towards policy solutions. CNREP aims to generate and share knowledge, relevant research, analysis and expertise though partnership platforms and advocacy.

Following the Africa Policy Institutes general goals, CNREP aims to support stable and meaningful change and development through providing policy research, analysis and advice to those who shape, influence and execute policies on reforms in natural resources and environment policy.